Day 12: Sewing


Goal #1. Fitness/Nutrition.
  • So far, the no-sugar ban has been working. I also walked 7K in a loop around Vestre Kirkegaard, throwing in some walking lunges and squats along the way. Upon return, Husband and I completed a 10-minute core workout that left me sore the next day. It feels natural and satisfying to be gradually increasing my daily exercise routine, as opposed to spending a ton of money for a gym membership or Cross Fit classes.
Goal #2. New Skills/Information/Creating Things.
  • Baked a paleo pumpkin pie for K (she has problems digesting grains). Prepared a five-minute talk about celebrating Halloween in Danish for class the next day.
Goal # 3. Clean House/Eliminate Clutter.
  • Made some chore lists for the girls, who helped with drying dishes, taking out and sorting trash and picking up their room. Not everything was finished, but I think as a family we are making great progress.
Goal #4. Quality Time With Family/Friends.
  • Played Trivial Pursuit Family Edition with the kids and helped them with a little sewing project (See Goal # 6). Husband and I ran a few errands together alone and had our weekly falafel.
Goal #5. Help.
  • Other than making homemade food for our family and keeping everything going, nothing spectacular in this area.
Goal #6. Financial Independence.
  • G has been expressing interest lately in completing some sewing projects from a wonderful book from our personal library called Sewing School. In the past, I have spent hundreds to even thousands of dollars on materials, camps, classes, etc. to help us all with the art of needlecraft. So when I saw G reading the book again, my first impulse was to run out and buy yards of colorful felt, embroidery thread, stuffing and whatever other supplies could help further this interest along. But then I remembered all the wasted cut-up fabric and the half-finished projects that have cluttered up our home over the years. Better start with something small instead, I reasoned, and then maybe provide the supplies as a Christmas present, or simply encourage the girls to save up for particular items with their own allowance. Luckily, at Søstrene Grene, husband and I were able to get two DIY felt Christmas ornament kits for around $3 apiece that came with pre-cut felt in the shapes of stars and Christmas trees, as well as thread, stuffing and instructions. I know it also would have been great for them to come up with the shapes themselves, or use a pattern from the book. However, the kits were a great reintroduction to sewing for them: They practiced stitching and needle-threading skills while completing a project from start to finish. In any case, I’m glad I resisted the emotional impulse to overspend.
 Goal #7. Gratitude.

I did not have any particular revelations, but overall I have felt so enthusiastic and positive about all the blessings in my life.

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