Day 11: One Scary (But Sweet) Halloween

Photo by Toby Ord

Goal #1. Fitness/Nutrition.

  • On the plus side, I walked more than 6K and biked 18K. On the other hand, I made it one scary Halloween by eating every sugary thing in sight. This included (but was not limited to) a neighbor’s gift of perfectly presented chocolate cake with chopped hazelnuts and a drizzle of caramel. In a freaky coincidence, my other kind neighbor also came by with a block of his own lovely pound cake with organic dark chocolate and sea-salt. Of course I helped out by taste-testing it, even though the confection was reportedly made with 800 grams of butter. On a side note: this is not a thing in Denmark where cakes magically arrive on one’s doorstep all the time (at least not that I am aware of). Nevertheless, the moral of this story is that I need help. I admit that this sugar thing is bigger than me, and that I have no willpower whatsoever. Therefore, my husband and I have sworn off the stuff forever today. Please wish us good luck.

Goal #2. New Skills/Information/Creating Things.

  • Carved a Jack O’Lantern apple and put a flickering electric tea light inside. With G, took a trash quiz entirely in Danish at the library where we correctly sorted items into the appropriate bins. Read the first few paragraphs of Stephen King’s The Shining in Danish with assistance from my little pocket ordbog.

Goal # 3. Clean House/Eliminate Clutter.

  • Killed two birds with one stone by taking a walk to the Red Cross donation box with a few bags of clothes to give away. Dishwasher still not working, but teamed up with whole family to keep everything going.

Goal #4. Quality Time With Family/Friends.

  • We got to go Trick-or-treating for the first time here in Denmark. Memorable moments for the girls: Learning to say “Slick eller ballade?” with the proper intonation. Reaching into a candy bowl with a mechanical ghoulish hand that grabbed them back.

Goal #5. Help.

  • Got my downstairs neighbour her favorite, hard-to-find cinnamon gum at a store that was closing. Got the kids Halloween-themed books and movies at the library and ingredients for us to bake some pumpkin pies.

Goal #6. Financial Independence.

  • Scary Halloween, part 2: A favorite health food store is closing here and there was a 30 percent off sale. I filled up my Christiania lad cycle with a half-dozen bottles of kombucha, raw cacao butter and assorted other fun but unnecessary items to the tune of about $100. Whoops!

 Goal #7. Gratitude.

  • I am aware that celebrating Halloween is a new phenomenon here in Denmark, and that many people see it as kind of a marketing gimmick. But for us, it was a magical night walking among the little hekse and zombies in our neighbourhood, knocking on doors bedecked with cobwebs, glowing Jack O’Lanterns and crime scene tape, and receiving handfuls of unwrapped salty liquorice. It was familiar for us, and yet uniquely Danish at the same time. We will never forget the experience.
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