Day 10: Home is Wherever You Are

Goal #1. Fitness/Nutrition.

  • No walking, biked only 12K because of time crunch.

Goal #2. New Skills/Information/Creating Things.

  • Made a spicy Tex-Mex chili for my daughter’s Halloween party. May have used a bit more new-world heat than normal for the Scandinavian palate, so there were leftovers. But my lovely Danish neighbor downstairs said it was yummy.

Goal # 3. Clean House/Eliminate Clutter

  • Yesterday we did not get home till late, so kids did no chores. Meanwhile, dishwasher still out for the count. Trying not to lose hope and enlist the help of my family to keep things from falling apart.

Goal #4. Quality Time With Family/Friends.

  • Husband and I stayed up playing Shopkins with the girls. We had a battle with some kind of wedding cake challenging Peta Plunger‘s position as Supreme Ruler.

Goal #5. Help.

  • Helped with set-up for the Halloween party, and then the organizer asked me to oversee clean-up, which I did gladly.  Thanks to the new “take-the-stairs” approach to life, I welcomed all the little hassles, cheerfully wiping up little smears of guacamole from the tables and chairs, dealing with a dearth of garbage bags, etc. All the while, I was thinking, “Someone needs to be doing this, so why not me?”

Goal #6. Financial Independence.

  • I bought some ingredients and little electric tea lights to contribute to the party, but no other spending otherwise.

 Goal #7. Gratitude.

  • Hanging out at the party last night with some of the parents and watching all of our kids playing together, it really hit me how easy it felt to be in Copenhagen, and how much it finally feels like home. It’s normal now to hear a range of languages spoken around me, including Danish. It took me such a long time to get past feeling like a baby every time I opened my mouth, not knowing what brand of bread to buy at the store and thinking everyone was staring at me for my curious American ways. Even though we are moving back to the U.S. in a few months, I feel so lucky to know that my concept of “home” can be expanded and can mean anything from a barbecue on a windy Øresund beach with my Swedish friends to Sunday-morning migas with my kids at Taco Deli on North Lamar. I feel strong, like I can face any new situation and land on my feet.
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