Day 5: Lapse in Judgement

This post was written earlier but disappeared temporarily due to technical difficulties.

Goal #1. Fitness/Nutrition.

  • My lizard brain had a wrestling match with my neocortex and won. Without any thought, I found myself eating pizza, chocolate and other crap that didn’t even taste good. Not sure how it happened, but I feel determined today to not let this setback make me give up.

Goal #2. New Skills/Information/Creating Things.

  • Chore lists still a big hit (see Goal #3). At the library, resolved a slightly complicated issue in Danish. Not only did I have the right words to explain the context (I had a disc with a missing envelope) but also understood the clerk’s kind assurances that this kind of thing happens all the time.

Goal # 3. Clean House/Eliminate Clutter.

  • Win, again! The house has been in such nice shape that I was able to entertain an unexpected guest as a favor to a fellow parent (see Goal #5) and my older daughter even did some extra chores to make it picture perfect before we came home. G didn’t get a chance to do hers but  she made them up this morning, and even did some extra things without asking, including .. wait for it.. organizing the shoes in my closet.

Goal #4. Quality Time With Family/Friends.

  • Since the sun was shining in the early morning, husband and I took a quick bike ride to the store together to soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy each other’s company.

Goal #5. Help.

  • Hosted a friend of G’s whose parent had to work late. Rescued a nice nice silicon muffin form and another most-welcome item from the recycling area.

Goal #6. Financial Independence

  • I have a cozy sofa I like to use as a reading nook, but a few months ago, one of my kids broke a nice halogen lamp there that kept the area illuminated. We are back in business again for the cost of a new bulb (about $5) thanks to salvaging a perfectly fine lamp that was destined for the landfill. Hubby and I also reworked our Christmas travel itinerary slightly and managed to save thousands on air travel.

 Goal #7. Gratitude

  • A simple to-do list in the afternoon for each child has changed all of our lives. We are much less stressed, the kids feel proud of their accomplishments and our home looks good enough to have someone over with no advanced warning. So many gifts!


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