Day 3: Family-Teamwork Breakthrough

Goal #1. Fitness/Nutrition.

  • Continued improvement. Went shopping for groceries and ignored the smell of just-baked Hanekams (maybe a personal first). Cooked myself meals and actually sat down to eat them. Taking as many stairs as possible, still cycling, plus have added a morning 1.6k walk with K to school.

Goal #2. New Skills/Information/Creating Things.

  • Yes. Pounded some new saurkraut, which will be ready in a few days. Spoke almost entirely in Danish with the staff at K’s dentist appointment.

Goal # 3. Clean House/Eliminate Clutter.

  • Home Run!!! Great turnaround from yesterday. G loved wiping down cabinets and crossing items off the to-do list. K got into vacuuming all the stuffed animals. Not even a hint of strife. I am honestly in shock that getting kids to help out could be so effortless. Also, shed some clutter (see Goal #5).

Goal #4 Quality Time With Family/Friends.

  • Home Run, Part II. Because of the aforementioned spectacular family teamwork, we managed to have a hygge-filled dinner complete with candlelight and discussion about what we liked best about each other. Amazing!

Goal #5 Help.

  • Did good. Gave away one of my vacuum cleaners to someone who needed it. Rescued a perfectly good Ikea metal trivet from the recycling bin and gave that away too. See more on that under Goal #7.

Goal #6 Financial Independence

  • Continued progress. Only bought groceries and continued to avoid the shawarma huset.

Goal #7 Gratitude.

  • I felt so many warm and fuzzies last night with my family, of course, because of our sparkly home and the resulting camaraderie from making it so together. But I had also had a bigger-picture reminder about all the privileges in my life. For context: When we moved here to Denmark, the only apartment we could find was pretty much out of our price range, but we took it anyway because the competition was just too fierce. Lucky for us, living in such a high-end complex meant the things we found thrown out in its recycling center were beyond amazing, and allowed us to avoid excessive spending on home furnishings. We have gotten Le Crueset cookware, tea sets, chests of drawers, elegant mirrors, Japanese carving knives, two sewing machines, lamps and yes, even the aforementioned extra vacuum cleaner, which I brought to the junkyard yesterday. Whenever I go there, I see many people, including whole families with young children, waiting for any kind of salvageable items they can sell for a few kroner at flea markets. I like to bring these extra things to them because it’s nice to help and see things not wasted. Moreover, they remind me that this extravagant excess is not normal, nor is it universally shared. And until it is, I really need to get off my fine salvaged sofa and help.
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