Day 1: Rocky Start

Yesterday was the first day I spent thinking about my goals. I think the experience has helped me overall but needs a lot of improvement.

  • Goal # 1: Fitness/Nutrition. Result: Mixed. I put this goal first because it has been most neglected in recent years, with the big exception that I now cycle everywhere and have no car. I started the day off all wrong with a chocolate blackout followed by too much lovely pita bread. However, I did not sweeten my tea as usual and prepared myself a few meals with many colorful vegetables. I  also cycled to the airport today and about 33 kilometers overall. Finally, I took the stairs at every opportunity (we live on the 3rd floor).  So overall I would say my behavior was better, but I really must limit the sweets and white bread.
  • Goal #2: New Skills/Information/Making Things. Result: Mostly fail. I opted not to go to Danish class, though it was later cancelled anyway.  We are probably moving back to the U.S. in a few months, so I am struggling with motivation even though my goofily accented level  represents nearly two years of hard work. However, I started this blog, which is challenging.
  • Goal # 3: Cleaning/Eliminating Clutter. Result: Total fail. Utter chaos. Let’s hope my shame gets me going on this
  • Goal # 4: Quality Time With Friends/Family. Result: Mixed. Took a wonderful bike ride back from the airport with my husband. Read my girls more of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” However, I also tried working on this blog while my youngest G wanted my attention. Ouch, the irony.
  • Goal #5: Help. Result: Win. I encouraged a woman from G’s school who complains about her miserable daily car commute to consider the amazing benefits of riding a bike instead.  She told me with absolute certainty that she would because she sees that it will not only save her money but also give her opportunities to exercise.
  • Goal #6: Financial Independence. Result: Win. No frivilous shopping. Made all the family meals at home. Investing not yet an option for us.
  • Goal #7: Gratitude. Result: Win. I noticed how easy it was to take G to school in the morning in our rickety old box cycle because over the break I had been using it to schlep both girls around to different museums. I felt amazed that my fitness could improve so quickly by just choosing the hard way a little bit more often.
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