Seven Goals

I didn’t know I had seven goals when I wrote them down with my two daughters last night. I had actually just scribbled down bullet points with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G on them in a little notebook, but my older daughter K asked me to count them. So I am counting them, and I am blogging about them in the hopes that I can make them count.

So here goes:

  • Goal # 1: Increase my fitness level and make nutritional choices that allow me to achieve the best health possible.
  • Goal #2: Challenge my mind by learning new skills and information
  • Goal #3: Create systems for keeping my home clean, well-maintained and beautiful, while simultaneously eliminating clutter.
  • Goal #4: Focus my full attention without distractions on the people who matter most.
  • Goal #5: Solve or alleviate problems around me if I can. Be a helper.
  • Goal#6: Develop habits of saving and wise investing to achieve financial independence.
  • Goal#7: Develop a gratitude mindset and recognize all the privileges  in my life.

I was inpired to do this last night while listening to a podcast with Seth Godin, whom I was unfamiliar with until yesterday. Even though I am usually put off by self-help gurus and entrepreneurs, several of his messages resonated with me and sounded heart-felt.

He reminded his listeners (or those of us privileged enough to have the time and resources to be listening to a podcast) that many people around the world are happier than us, despite only earning a few dollars a day. He then issued a challenge like, “What are you going to do about that?”

He also said that one of the most powerful ways people can transform their lives is to write down their goals and then each day evaluate  what actions they took to make them a reality.

This hit home for me because I have been thinking a lot about short-term versus long-term thinking. I think this article from Raptitude sums up nicely the advantages of embracing temporary discomforts and difficulties to make your life easier and better in the long-run.

So from now on, I will evaluate how my day went using these seven goals as a measure. Taking the long view is what I’m going to do about that, Mr. Godin.

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